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November 3, 2010 at 12:17 AM Leave a comment

Even though our event photos were due last week, I decided since I didn’t post them, I would do so this week.  Here are some of my favorites out of the pictures I took of the South Carolina State Fair.

I think this is my favorite photo that I took of the fair.  It wasn’t completely an accident, but it wasn’t the picture that I was originally trying to take.  I just wanted an overall picture of the fair from the top of the ferris wheel, but where we stopped, I couldn’t get a clean photo without the cart next to us in the way.  I then realized that getting them in the frame would make a great photo, and it turned out really nice.  It captured a view of the fair at night as well as the personal aspect with a couple observing the beauty.

I liked this photo because of the angle.  It’s an odd view looking up at the ferris wheel, and the repetition of the individual cars almost frames the rest of the photo.  I also like how this picture really controls where and what order you look at things.  The lines of the wheel lead the eye from the bottom first and then to the top.  I think the only way the composition would have been better if I had gotten it a little more centered in the frame.  Putting the subject directly in the center isn’t something you usually go for, but I think it worked in this photo.

Lastly, I really like this photo as a reaction shot.  Journalistic photography is about people, and this photo shows the feelings that the fair creates in people.  These two girls were having a blast on that ride, and I got them in focus, close up, and having the time of their lives.  It puts a smile on your face just looking at how much fun they’re having.


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