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For my open project, I took pictures of my roommate’s dog, Snoop.  Snoop is a boxer who sits and looks out my window waiting for his master any time she leaves.  I thought this was a really great opportunity to take pictures of a dog, which is normally constantly moving and hard to keep in focus, with some really neat window lighting.  I really like the way they came out.

This is a really good one.  The light hits his face just perfectly, and the shadows show off all the muscles in his face.  It’s also close up enough so you can see the texture of his fur and the glassiness of his eyes.  Still, this one isn’t my favorite because it doesn’t look sad enough.  Snoop isn’t waiting for his mom to come home!  He needs to look pathetic, not regal.

That’s why this picture is my favorite.  Snoop is laying his head down on the window sill and looking really sad here.  I think the emotion of the piece as well as the composition make this the best picture.  You just feel sorry for him.  The look in his eyes is really great and in focus here.

Lastly, I wanted to post this picture where the lighting is a little different.  I was playing around with combos of shutter speeds and f-stops to make Snoop look darker, but not too dark, so that it could maybe give the image a little more sad tone.  I liked the outcome of this one.  I think the streak of light is a little interesting, and darkening the image made the colors more saturated.  It’s not the best, but I like how different it is from the other pictures I took.


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Event Photographs Bluff Road and Final Project

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